Your Charitable Donation Goes a Long Way.

“There is no words or dollar amount that can express what Elijah’s Retreat does for our family.  In a world still not comforatble in embracing autism, this place is a haven of acceptance.  I can only describe it as “Coming Home.” It’s never akward or uncomfortable.  Its acceptance, inclusion and genuine kindness.  You have inspired our family to start a retreat of our own in Colorado.  We love and respect every man, woman and child that has made Elijah’s Retreat possible.”

The Halihan Family 

“We spent a wonderful three nights and four days just enjoying the blessings from God.  Carrots for Miss Jackie and rides on Archie just thrilled and excited little imaginations as new things surrounded us each day.  Hay ride, petting Lubi, the bunny, and holding little chickens helped some of us overcome our fears.  Little Miss Ivalee could not ride Archie but finally petted him.  I can not say enough good things about Elijah’s Retreat.  A smile of joy on a small face is one of our greatest treasures.  Hearing little Gerald saying, “faster, faster!” as he rode Archie.  This from a little boy afraid of butterflies.  Thanks for sharing Elijah’s Retreat with us.”

Eddie & Lynda Byrd

Your donation really makes a difference. It is the mission of Elijah’s Retreat to offer a wonderful experience at the lowest possible cost for families, but to accomplish this mission we DEPEND on YOU! Elijah’s Retreat is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit US corporation and your charitable donation is tax deductible. Elijah’s retreat operates with a volunteer staff and therefore has no administrative cost. You can rest assured that your donation goes directly to building and maintaining Elijah’s Retreat for families facing autism. Please consider making a donation of money or items on the wish list below.  Elijah’s Retreat accepts donations by mail, online or in person.  Donations of cash, check, credit card and PayPal are accepted.  


Elijah’s Retreat
257 CR 3110
Jacksonville, Texas 75766 



  1. Three grills (one for each cabin)
  2. Microwave (for cabin)
  3. Refrigerator (for cabin)
  4. Television (for cabin)
  5. Hay
  6. Magnetic Sand & toys (for sensory room)