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Cabin #3 - We are trying to raise funds to start on Cabin 3. Building site has been cleared and ready for foundation. Approx. cost start to finish for the cabin $42,000. We estimate that over 40 families this past season could not visit because our two existing cabins were completely booked. We will be Grateful for ANY Donation Amount!! Donations are 100% deductable and can be made on the Donation page or Home page.

Bedding – queen or twin size
quilts, sheets, blankets, pillows

Artwork – scripture pictures or
plaques, ranch pictures or
paintings (horses, barns, etc.)

Bath Stuff – Towels, Bath Mats,
Shower Curtain, Toilet Tissue

Kitchen Stuff – Flatware,
Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pans,
Microwave safe cookware, Plates,
Bowls, Glasses, Coffee Mugs

Books & DVDs – Christian /
Family / Children’s / Autism
Information / Bibles / Horse
books for children (with pictures!)

Area Rugs

Horse Tack & Supplies
saddles, leads, halters, bridles,
hay, alfalfa

Financial Support
Our biggest need right now is financial support in order to complete the first cabin and start the next one.

Prayer, Prayer and more Prayer!


We praise God for the 50 beautiful acres He provided for Elijah’s Retreat.

We praise Him for our Board of Directors, for their wisdom, expertise, encouragement and help in so many ways.

We praise Him for all the prayer warriors who lift us up every day.

We praise Him for all the volunteers who are helping to build this Retreat.

We praise Him that Mercy Ships has taken Elijah's Retreat under its wings and is providing SO MUCH HELP!

We praise Him for all the donations – horses, hay, dogs, appliances, furniture, gift certificates, books, bedding, building materials, meals for workers, time, expertise, and money – that will bless families at Elijah’s Retreat for years to come.

We praise Him for keeping the rain away when the mission team was here building the cabin, even though it poured all around us.  God kept His umbrella over us that weekend!  Praise you, Jesus!

We praise Him for His direction and provision every single day.

We praise Him for the wonderful people we have met through Elijah’s Retreat, who are such great blessings.

We praise Him for KLTV Channel 7 in Tyler, Texas, that allowed us to share our vision for Elijah’s Retreat on their “Power of Prayer” segment on May 11, 2008.

We praise you, Heavenly Father, for your grace, love, mercy, and strength poured out into our lives every day.  We love you so very much!

Thank you, Lord! You are awesome! We love you!!!

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